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7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child

Montessori SchoolWhen your child heads back to school, it's a great time to start talking with his teacher.  What can you tell a teacher that will help him do his job better? You might be surprised. While your child's teacher is the expert in education, no one knows more about your child than you do. It's just as important for parents to tell teachers about issues at home that may affect school performance as it is for teachers to report how children are doing in the classroom. Students do best when parents Read more [...]

Help Your Child Handle School Bus Bullies

Riding the familiar yellow school bus is an enjoyable rite of passage for most students, but for many it can be a place where bullying occurs unchecked. Here’s what you can do to help. Singing countless rounds of “Wheels on the Bus” to your toddler probably painted a cheery image of the iconic, bright yellow school bus, exciting him about the day he’d be big enough to ride the bus to school himself. Now, however, he’s older and regularly riding the bus to and from school—and Read more [...]