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What to Consider When Selecting a Preschool

preschoolSelecting a preschool for your child is more than simply filtering all options by either cost or proximity to your home. The process is relatively similar to searching for a new job; you need to find a preschool that fits in with your core values, is able to meet your requirements and then be prepared to go to numerous interviews. Before you start your search you need to be aware that you will almost certainly need to invest a considerable amount of time to find the perfect preschool for your child. Read more [...]

The Core Principles of a Montessori School

When selecting a preschool for your little one, it's not just about deciding which school has better facilities, comparing the reputations of the teachers at each respective school and working out whether the timetable of the school fits in with your own; the teaching philosophy used at the preschool is important too. The teaching methods that your child is exposed to at a young age will have a considerable impact on their development. There are many different approaches that can be taken, but one Read more [...]

Prepare Your Little One for Their First Day of Child Care with these Tips

child careIf you are nervous on the morning of your child's first day at child care, imagine how they are feeling. Enrolling your child in day care represents a big change for both of you and it's important that they feel both safe and happy in their new surroundings. Getting used to being left under the supervision of other adults and in the company of other children can take some time and it isn't uncommon to see a few tears on their first day. However, there are a number of things you can do both prior Read more [...]

How to Increase Your Child’s Confidence and Improve their Time at Day Care

Attending a day care centre for the first time can be a daunting prospect for any child -- new surroundings, new people and neither parent in sight -- but the transition from the home environment that the child has grown to know and love into the outside world can be made much simpler if the child is confident. Confidence will stave off their fear of "new things" and help them to interact with the other children much more freely, increasing the likelihood that day care will be something they look Read more [...]

Teaching Hanukkah Traditions to Young Children

Hanukkah is the eight day celebration that commemorates a miracle which happened more the two thousand years ago. Celebrated each year, Hanukkah is an occasion for Jewish children to learn the importance of the beautiful tale about faith winning over tyranny. All children, whether Jewish or not, benefit from learning the beliefs, history and traditions surrounding the festival of lights. The traditions and the tales can be taught to children through various ways, which include books, games, activities, Read more [...]