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The great Santa debate: What to tell the kids

With Christmas right around the corner, some parents fully embrace the magic of Santa Claus – and others give Santa the stiff-arm. In fact, some moms and dads believe teaching kids about jolly old Saint Nick is an outright “lie,” one that could lead to feelings of confusion and betrayal down the road. Brad Pitt, father of six, recently weighed in on the subject, revealing that he refuses to “lie” to his kids about St. Nick, and that he’s not “real big on the whole Santa thing.” Read more [...]

Happy Holidays

How to Deal with Your Child’s Wish List

Christmas is a time of fun for most everyone. People celebrate Christmas with family and spend much time decorating their home and buying presents for all the ones they love. While Christmas is a time of joy, it can also be a stressful holiday if your budget is limited. If money is an issue, dealing with a child’s Christmas list is not always easy. Children often have some expectations which parents can’t fulfill and it is really necessary to put some effort in clarifying to your child that Read more [...]

How to Develop a Trusting Relationship with your Child Care Provider

Many parents spend so much time touring day care centres and quizzing their staff that they forget to stop and consider their own role once their child has been safely enrolled. For a child care arrangement to function effectively you have to work alongside the care givers at the centre, rather than operating as two separate entities. In addition to that collaboration you will also likely need a support network in place that usually consists of other family members and close friends. Forming a close Read more [...]

How Classrooms at a Montessori School Differ From Standard Classrooms

While we are all familiar with how a traditional classroom is planned and laid out, many people aren't exactly sure what a Montessori school is, let alone how the classrooms are designed. Based on extensive research conducted by the Montessori method's founder, Maria Montessori, the classroom is constructed in a very specific manner. When entering one of these classrooms you will usually notice how the use of artificial light is kept to a minimum, how the whole room is decorated using very soft colours Read more [...]