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How to Get Your Child to Take His Medication

Whether your child has a medical condition that requires him to regularly take medication or you’re treating a temporary illness, you’re probably aware of the lengths that some kids will go to in order to avoid taking medicine. From tantrums to evasion or downright refusal, there are almost as many weapons in a kid’s anti-medication arsenal as there are reasons behind his reluctance to take the medicine in the first place. Before you resort to force-feeding, threats or bribery to get much-needed Read more [...]

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Your Child

You do not need to be Chinese in order the celebrate the joy and festivities of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is a great holiday to choose to celebrate Chinese culture with your child. Here are few fun ways to bring a bit of fun and culture into your home through the festivities of the Chinese New Year. Add a lucky red door. Red is a traditional color of luck. It's an important part of the Chinese New Year to focus on doing what one can to bring about good luck for the New Year. Read more [...]

What Really Happens When We Give Kids Everything They Want

“I want it. Why? Because everyone else has it.” (Or does it.  Or wears it.) It’s a conversation we’ve had countless times in our house. It doesn’t matter what it’s about–the newest technology, the latest fad, the most popular shoes- it’s treacherous ground to add it to our want list so we can be like everyone else. These five dangerous words are turning homes upside down. When we give our children everything they want (because everyone else has it), it speeds up their childhood: Read more [...]

How to Get Your Child to Fall Asleep

Make Bedtime Fun Kids aren’t going to want to participate in something that they perceive as being a punishment or something that is going to be less than enjoyable, so you have to make bedtime a fun experience for them. This could mean that you play a specific game with them before bedtime so that they recognize that it is almost time to go to sleep, reading a book of their choice in bed together, or singing a certain song that is bedtime-specific, it can even be one that you made up for bedtime Read more [...]