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Why Before and After School Programs Are Important

We at Early Years Child Care have been dedicated to providing quality before and after school programs for many years. The reason we keep at it is that such programs greatly behoove academic and personal growth of attendees. Benefits of Before School Programs Programs that provide a safe, friendly, and social learning environment before school provide several key benefits, including: They’re a Good Transition from Home to School – After being at home all evening and then sleeping the Read more [...]

What A Typical Day at a Montessori School Looks Like

The early years are the time when the stage is set for a person’s future. In other words, early childhood care will play a very large part in moulding the kind of person your child will grow into. Enrolling your young child in a Montessori school is a great way to promote their personal and intellectual growth. What is a Montessori school? Montessori schools are educational establishments, usually for children 3 to 6 years old, that emphasize a respect for each child’s social, physical, Read more [...]

Why Good Quality Day Care Can Accelerate Your Child’s Development

It is easy to find a run-of-the-mill day care, also known as a place to leave your child during the day to keep him or her occupied, but a truly high quality one is not so easy to find. It can serve not only as a way to get you as a parent some free time to carry out your busy schedule during the day, but also as a serious asset to your child’s development. Why is Development During the Early Years So Important? Young children are extremely malleable. While their bodies and minds are still Read more [...]