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How to Effectively Coordinate Discipline with Your Child Care Provider

When it comes to outsiders handling discipline issues with their children, many parents have very strong opinions about what constitutes acceptable or appropriate. This is completely understandable but can lead to conflicts between child care staff and parents when discipline becomes necessary. But are these conflicts inevitable or simply the by-product of a flawed process? Here we’ll look at several things you can do to coordinate your beliefs and wishes with the needs and policies of your day Read more [...]

Factors that Can Affect the Cost of Day Care

The cost of day care is both absolute and relative. That is, child care centre X costs the same for everyone, but that amount represents a different percentage of income for different families and individuals. A two-income family making $100,000 a year can absorb $8,000 a year in child care costs with relative ease. While a single parent making $30,000 a year would struggle mightily to make payments of that size. For some parents the cost of care is actually greater than the amount of money they Read more [...]