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Tips to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Preschool

Parents send their children to preschool for different reasons. For some it’s a form of child care. Others do it to help their children learn valuable social skills and grow accustomed to the school environment before heading off to kindergarten. Whatever the reason it’s important that your kids receive as much benefit as possible from the early learning experience and here are a few tips that may help you help them do just that. Don’t Leave Preschool at School It’s often hard to juggle Read more [...]

The Difference Between Nursery School and Playschool

In recent years the proliferation of names regarding organized activities for pre-kindergarten aged children has led to some confusion regarding what is what. What one facility calls “playschool” another calls “nursery school” and yet another may call simply “child care”. But don’t children play in every type of school? Don’t they learn anything in a playschool? Can it be called “school” at all if what’s going on is primarily play? These are all good questions and we’ll do Read more [...]