Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient

I recently spoke to 300 camp directors about how to make children more resilient to life stress. Summer camps, we discovered, are perfect places to help children optimize their psychosocial development. After all, summer camps are places where children get the experiences they need to bolster their range of coping strategies. There are the simple challenges of learning how to build a fire, going on a hike, or conquering a high ropes course. There are the much more complex challenges of getting Read more [...]

Winter safety: Advice for parents and kids

  Some of us love the cold season of winter - others not so much! Whichever side you are on, you will find plenty of activities to do with your kids in the season. Winter is a great season for outdoor activities, such as sledding and skating and walking in the woods. Cold weather, ice, and snow can be fun but also dangerous for children. The following tips will help parents and children enjoy winter activities safely. In general: Children shouldn't play outside alone. Establish Read more [...]

Keeping Your Halloween Healthy

What do you do with your child's Halloween haul? Donate, repurpose, hoard or eat? Or, are you just about to throw out your candy from last Halloween? We all love Halloween candy, but there's no question that trick-or-treaters collect way too much of it. And while most of us are thrilled that our kids don't actually ingest it all, many children do, and the health implications of that are pretty frightening. So this year, don't be a part of the candy craze. Instead, plan to give out small, fun, Read more [...]

Our October Newsletter!

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New Schools are Tough – Here’s how to Help Your Child Adjust

The beginning of the school year should be an exciting time, but it can be stressful for kids starting at a new school. Whether you moved over the summer or are simply switching schools, you’re probably wondering how to make the transition easier on your kids. Here are 10 expert tips. Before School Starts “Include your kids in the process,” suggests Debbie Glasser, Ph.D and founder of, who moved three children to a new state. “Attend the school orientation together Read more [...]