Considering a Montessori style School: Here are Some Things to Be Prepared for

Montessori school in AuroraMontessori educational facilities have much to recommend them, which is why they have become increasingly popular in recent years - not just in Aurora and adjacent areas but in all parts of Ontario and elsewhere in Canada too. However, unless you already have a child in such a school, you are likely to be quite surprised by the differences between Montessori style institutions and regular schools when you first enrol your son or daughter in one. To prepare you for the experience we have written a Read more [...]

Why Not All Montessori style Schools are Created Equal

Whether you are looking for a Montessori style School in Richmond Hill, Vaughan or another part of the GTA completely, one thing to bear in mind is that not all of the schools you come across will operate in exactly the same way. Because they are focused on responding to the needs of individual students rather than a strict set of teaching rules, Montessori style schools may differ quite widely in the way they are run on a day-to-day basis and in the goals they place most importance on as far as Read more [...]

Montessori Style School and Why Grouping By Age Holds Many Children Back

At The Montessori style school in King City emphasis is given to encouraging your child’s sense of independence and respecting the natural arc of their intellectual development. In a nutshell this means mixed-age classes, longer than average class length, activities chosen by the children, few rules regarding movement within the classroom and teachers trained in the methods of and using the materials developed by Maria Montessori and her associates. Benefits of Choosing the Montessori style School Read more [...]

What A Typical Day at a Montessori School Looks Like

The early years are the time when the stage is set for a person’s future. In other words, early childhood care will play a very large part in moulding the kind of person your child will grow into. Enrolling your young child in a Montessori school is a great way to promote their personal and intellectual growth. What is a Montessori school? Montessori schools are educational establishments, usually for children 3 to 6 years old, that emphasize a respect for each child’s social, physical, Read more [...]

How Classrooms at a Montessori School Differ From Standard Classrooms

While we are all familiar with how a traditional classroom is planned and laid out, many people aren't exactly sure what a Montessori school is, let alone how the classrooms are designed. Based on extensive research conducted by the Montessori method's founder, Maria Montessori, the classroom is constructed in a very specific manner. When entering one of these classrooms you will usually notice how the use of artificial light is kept to a minimum, how the whole room is decorated using very soft colours Read more [...]