Considering a Montessori style School: Here are Some Things to Be Prepared for

Montessori school in Aurora Montessori educational facilities have much to recommend them, which is why they have become increasingly popular in recent years – not just in Aurora and adjacent areas but in all parts of Ontario and elsewhere in Canada too. However, unless you already have a child in such a school, you are likely to be quite surprised by the differences between Montessori style institutions and regular schools when you first enrol your son or daughter in one. To prepare you for the experience we have written a brief introduction, outlining some of the unique things you can expect to encounter in a Montessori style school. If you would like further details about any of the following points, or why the approaches discussed are a common feature of this type of school, you are more than welcome to call and speak to a member of our team.

Enrolling Your Child in a Montessori style School in Aurora: What to Expect

Below, we have listed some of the things that most surprise parents of children who move from a regular school to one that follows Montessori educational principles.

  • Mixed Age Groups – Perhaps the most obvious difference you will notice when walking around a Montessori style school in Aurora and comparing it to a regular local school is the fact that most of the classes will have pupils of different ages all learning together. Mixed-age classes mimic natural social groups more closely and allow a richer learning experience as a result.
  • Longer Class Periods – Another big difference that you will notice if you hang around a Montessori style institution for long enough is that each class, or study period, lasts for 3 hours. This is considerably longer than your child may be used to in a regular school but it is based on how humans of all ages naturally tackle tasks. By giving pupils 3 hours to choose a task, complete it, and think about what they wish to do next, our Montessori style school in Aurora allows children to become used to the natural rhythm of their own bodies and minds, thereby enabling them to reach their peak potential over time.
  • Teachers Moving Around Classrooms – Rather than standing at the front and talking to the whole class at the same time, Montessori teachers tend to move around, working with small groups throughout each 3-hour study period. This approach gives them more one-to-one time with each pupil and makes them more accessible to students who wish to consult them but who would normally be too embarrassed to do so in front of the whole class. It also makes it much easier for mixed ability groups to co-exist in the same classroom without anybody feeling like they are being left behind or held back.

For a guided tour of the best Montessori style school in Aurora or to meet for an informal chat with one of our teachers, please do not hesitate to call and make an appointment. We are always delighted to have the chance to explain the many advantages of our teaching methods to local parents.