Day Care, Nanny or Au Pair: Making the Best Decision for Your Family

Returning to work after having a child can be nearly as stressful as giving birth. A million things factor into the decision of who to entrust your child to including safety, cost and logistics. Everyone will have an opinion about what’s best but in the end the decision is yours.

Selecting a Nanny, Au Pair or Day Care in Aurora

Nannies – Whether you choose a ‘live-in’ or ‘live-out’ nanny their job is to provide for your child’s overall well-being during the hours you can’t be there. Nannies are full-time employees of yours.

  • Pros – They work in your house, which is easier on both you and your child. They will often take on additional responsibilities like grocery shopping, cooking and overseeing contractors.
  • Cons – Do you want a stranger in your house full-time? What if the nanny gets sick? And of course the paperwork and costs that come from having a full-time employee.

Au Pair – The Au Pair program is as much a cultural exchange program as it is a day care program. Au Pairs are regulated by law, must be between 18 and 26 and must speak English.

  • Pros – Au Pairs are vetted by the agency you find them through so you can be reasonably certain they’re safe. The cultural exchange aspect can be fun and interesting.
  • Cons – Just as they care for your child you have to care for them, providing room and board, a stipend, 2 weeks paid vacation, transportation to and from their classes and so on.

Day Care – Day care centers are the most common form of child care and can often be the most cost effective choice depending on where you live. Day care in Aurora is licensed and staffed with highly-trained early education professionals.

  • ProsDay care in Aurora offers a child the opportunity to socialize with other kids and helps them prepare for their coming school experience. Kids get to play and learn at the same time and get out of the house on a regular basis.
  • Cons – When one child gets sick the others follow suit. Your child may not get enough personal attention. Day care in Aurora is subject to closure due to bad weather.

Deciding who you will leave your child with is a huge decision and one not entered into lightly. Each of the most popular choices has their upside and downside and so it will likely come down to a simple matter of which one you feel most comfortable with.