Day Care York Region

Day Care York RegionDay care provides a safe, fun, educational environment for your child but it provides something more as well: it provides you the ability to go about your busy life without having to worry. As such it’s no exaggeration to say that day care in the York region caters to parents as much as it does children. Or at least it should.

The Early Years Difference

In today’s hectic world with its 24 hour business cycle those who have a ‘traditional’ 9 to 5 job they can leave at the office are the exception. More often than not work follows you home and makes demands on your time the likes of which your parents never imagined. But somewhere amidst the business hubbub you also need to find time for your personal life: running errands, addressing issues with the house, taking your other kids to soccer practice and so on. It’s crucial that your day care centre be flexible enough to accommodate your reality and Early Years Education Centre is.

Our 25 years of experience providing childcare for busy families in the York region has taught us a thing or two about what our clients need. In recent years as business has undergone fundamental changes driven by globalization one need has become paramount: flexibility. We’ve heard the call and developed a flexible, affordable program of care for your children that will bend to accommodate your hectic lifestyle without breaking your bank.

Truly Flexible Day Care in York Region

Where most day care centres are open for 6 hours a day Early Years Education Centre is open a full 12 hours; from 6:30am to 6:30pm. In addition we’re open on holidays, PA days and through the winter, spring and summer breaks when so many other day care centres close down. Day care in the York region has never been so convenient. But there’s more. We also offer:

  • Before and after school care for children 5-12.
  • Summer day camp with academics, sports, performance arts and adventures.
  • An affordable “Drop-in” Program on Saturday and Sunday for kids 4 and older.
  • Our “Play & Party Indoor Playground and Birthday Centre”.
  • Our “Parents Night Out” service on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5 to 9pm.

We know the world has changed and we strive to craft day care programs that recognize the new reality. As a result we’re the most innovative day care in the York region and have attracted widespread praise for our holistic approach. We also understand that many parents are working longer hours than ever to make ends meet and so we offer everything in one low price including:

  • One on one tutoring.
  • Hot meals and nutritious snacks.
  • Early assessment and intervention.
  • Three teachers per class.
  • An array of extracurricular activities.

If you’re looking for day care in the York region that truly understands the need modern parents have for flexibility and affordability then look no further than Early Years Education Centre. We take the worry out of day care.