Education Center York Region

Education Center York RegionIf your child is to become an active and responsible member of society it’s absolutely crucial that their early years are used to foster their personal development. They’ll need to cultivate a positive attitude toward the world at large – one that engages their imagination – and learn how to create and maintain supportive relationships with those around them.

At Early Years Education Centre we craft our programs to reflect those goals. We understand that there are no do-overs in life; that your child’s early years only occur once and represent an opportunity to shape the person they’ll become on a foundational level. As such we strive through our educational programs to create stepping-stones that will set your child on a path toward a loving, happy and prosperous future.

The Best Early Education Center in the York Region

Children want to learn. They’re sponges eager to absorb information and experiences in order to put their world and their place in it into some form of context. Our education center in the York region ensures that the picture they receive of the world and their relationship to it piques their curiosity, engages their imagination, fosters their independence and encourages thoughtful interaction.

Our Guiding Principles

At Early Years Education Centre we’re not constrained by any single approach to education. Our philosophy is to take those teaching methodologies that best reflect our goals and use them in concert with our own unique approach, developed over more than 20 years of experience, to create a system that enables your child to excel. To that end we draw from both the Montessori Method and the Reggio Project Approach in formulating our programs. We believe an effective educational approach should encompass the foundational principles of comfort and cooperation. As such:

  • Each child is warmly welcomed and made to feel special.
  • Loving and supportive friendships are encouraged.
  • Each child’s exceptional qualities or abilities are nurtured.
  • Each is given the room to find activities they’re comfortable with.
  • Each is given a variety of games that promote problem solving.
  • Sharing and cooperation are taught as bedrock principles.

Our approach to education uses these fundamental principles as building blocks the children utilize on an everyday basis. The teachers at our education center in the York region:

  • Are as good at listening as they are at speaking. They show each child the respect they deserve and strive to build a cooperative relationship with each.
  • Understand there are many forms of communication from talking to singing to new forms of media and put them all to use in a way that continually motivates your child’s attention.
  • Teach children to appreciate and cultivate artistic and non-verbal methods of communication.
  • Always conduct themselves in a caring, kind and respectful way that fosters a loving, productive environment for all.

If you are looking for an early learning program for your child that is as effective as it is innovative contact the Early Years Education Centre. We’re the premier early childhood education center in the York region.