The Early Years Education Centre offers a comprehensive array of extracurricular activities to compliment the daily curriculum. All our extracurricular activities are being offered to all children attending any of our daycare programs.




Children first become introduced to different languages in our preschool program. Children will enter a multilingual language through games, stories, and songs. We will use games, and stories with puppets to introduce a multilingual vocabulary. Children will be exposed to a variety of multilingual songs, finger plays, and an introduction to a multilingual vocabulary such as alphabet, numbers, greetings, etc.



The music program for children offered at the Early Years Education Centre is based on age appropriate musical activities offered to all age groups. The activities are hands on to help children express themselves through music and movement. The program is designed to include music, story, and the exploration of all multicultural and classical music and instruments.

Yoga + Pilates

This program will engage both children’s bodies and minds to help them build strength, flexibility and balance through various movement skills and locomotion activities. for the infants we offer baby yoga.


The Early Years Education Centre will be using drama to express emotion, gain confidence and an understanding for dramatic arts. They will expand their knowledge of the various ways in which to express thinking, communication and role-playing. Every child will have the chance to feel like a star!


Everyday Life

Everyday exercises are important to help the student gain self-control. With relation to everyday life the children will filter their motor skills, and learn how to interact politely in society. We want to be able to boost the children’s self-esteem, and teach them that a healthy discussion is always a good resolution.

Computer & Technology

Children learn and develop new skills by engaging in our Tech program. We work towards strengthening each child’s skills through fun and interactive programs. Children learn how to work together using today’s modern technology, we touch on all areas of education with our Computer and Tech program, language Arts, Math, Science, Multilingual Games, Reading, Fine Motor Development & more. Kids learn, play, and communication with each other in this program.

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