Montessori Style School and Why Grouping By Age Holds Many Children Back

At The Montessori style school in King City emphasis is given to encouraging your child’s sense of independence and respecting the natural arc of their intellectual development. In a nutshell this means mixed-age classes, longer than average class length, activities chosen by the children, few rules regarding movement within the classroom and teachers trained in the methods of and using the materials developed by Maria Montessori and her associates.

Benefits of Choosing the Montessori style School in King City for Your Child

As alluded to above, at the heart of the Montessori educational approach is the belief that the traditional method of grouping children by age in school actually works to inhibit their development. This is because in fixed-age classrooms where children are ‘promoted’ each year…

  • Children are not able to develop strong bonds with their teachers the way they can at the Montessori style school in King City. They move on to new teachers far too quickly.
  • Children often have difficulty recognizing the intellectual progress they’re making because they spend so much time acclimating to the new classroom environment each year.
  • Children are expected to all be “on the same page” all the time even if they’ve fallen behind due to illness or simply because they needed additional help with a subject or concept.
  • Children are often shamed into thinking they’re failures if they’re having difficulty. This creates a ‘class system’ within the classroom that has long range repercussions.
  • Children having difficulty can be stigmatized by being held back while their peers progress. One year’s difficulty can cause many years of embarrassment.
  • There is no opportunity for older children to mentor younger ones. These situations are often beneficial to both the younger and older student.
  • There is no way for children to take ownership of their education. They’re told what to learn and that is that. Years can be wasted while the child waits for an opportunity to study something that truly interests them.
  • Classes are typically far too short for any meaningful learning to occur. Children learn better if they’re given more time to absorb information and concepts.

While mixed-aged classrooms are indeed an important aspect of the Montessori style school in King City it should be stressed that the ultimate goal is the promotion of independence, cultivation of interests, strong student/teacher relationships and the removal of stigmatization, shaming and impatience from the classroom environment. The idea is to leverage your child’s innate curiosity and natural learning abilities in a way that best positions them for success later in life.