Top 10 Day Care Richmond Hill

Top 10 Day Care Richmond HillWhen you bring your child to the Early Years Education Centre you’re enlisting them in a top 10 day care in Richmond Hill and vicinity. We have earned that lofty status by striving in everything we do to deserve the trust and support of our clients. The results speak for themselves in our numerous testimonials and, perhaps more saliently, in the well-adjusted, confident, happy kids that regularly emerge after exposure to our programs.

A Top 10 Day Care in Richmond Hill and More

While we’re continually grateful to our clients for their loving support we also know that resting on our laurels isn’t going to work either for parents or the children they entrust to our care. We’re constantly reviewing our programs and processes to find ways to improve the services we provide and never accept “good enough” as an answer to anything. By continually placing every aspect of our operation under a microscope we’ve been able to refine the list of services we provide and the manner in which we provide them. Today, the Early Years Education Centre is proud to offer:

  • Full Summer and Winter camp programs.
  • Full or half day day care programs with a hot lunch.
  • A variety of different fun and educational activities every week.
  • Extended hours of operation including 12 hour days, holidays, school breaks and more.
  • Before and after school programs that offer homework, reading and tutoring for children 5-12.
  • Innovative programs that encourage children to explore their world within a safe, caring environment.
  • Breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks per day prepared by our centre chef. Each offering is fresh and nutritious and designed in consultation with a professional dietician. Each is also peanut free.
  • Our Indoor Playground and Birthday Party Centre.

Our Amazing Staff

The people who work for the Early Years Education Centre are a cut above and as responsible as anything else for our being a top 10 day care in Richmond Hill. They’re more than simple babysitters or teachers. They’re a multicultural group of highly trained and experienced early childhood educators who work closely with parents and their children to create effective learning solutions that play to their strengths. They cultivate a loving and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels safe and relaxed and is therefore more open to learning and exploration.

Our Commitment

We arrive at work each and every day ready to provide you the childcare services you need. We also dedicate ourselves on a daily basis to finding ways for your child to get the most out of the programs we offer and to promote the common good of all the children in our care. Our long term goal is to help parents create active and responsible young people who will grow into respectful, engaged, loving and prosperous members of the global community. Give us a call today and find out more about our top 10 day care in Richmond Hill or to discuss enrolling your child in the Early Years Education Centre. You’ll be glad you did.