Why Not All Montessori style Schools are Created Equal

Montessori school in Richmond Hill Whether you are looking for a Montessori style School in Richmond Hill, Vaughan or another part of the GTA completely, one thing to bear in mind is that not all of the schools you come across will operate in exactly the same way. Because they are focused on responding to the needs of individual students rather than a strict set of teaching rules, Montessori style schools may differ quite widely in the way they are run on a day-to-day basis and in the goals they place most importance on as far as the achievements of their pupils are concerned. To help you better understand why these types of educational institutions are not all the same, we have put together a short guide to the nature of Montessori educational principles and facilities, which you can find below.

Understanding Your Montessori style School in Richmond Hill

If we may assume for the sake of simplicity that you are looking for a school here in Richmond Hill, there are a few factors of which you need to be aware when evaluating local Montessori facilities: factors that will help you to understand why each school you visit will almost certainly be unique in a number of important ways.

  • Some Schools Are Accredited Whereas Others Simply Follow the Montessori Principles – Accredited schools are not necessarily better but you should be aware of the existence of these two main categories of Montessori style schools because those that are not accredited may blend Montessori principles with other learning methodologies. You may find that an accredited school with a pure approach suits your needs perfectly; on the other hand, a school that mixes more than one educational approach could be just what you are looking for so it is worth keeping an open mind as far as this point is concerned.
  • Teachers Adapt Their Methods Through Observation and Assessment –It is not just the schools you visit that may differ from each other but the individual teachers too. If you visit a Montessori style school in Richmond Hill and talk to the teaching staff, you will discover that the most experienced members of the team are adept at changing the way they teach based on their observations of individual pupils. Because of this, the methods you can expect to see employed in a Montessori institution may well differ from classroom to classroom as well as from one school to the next.
  • Teaching Methods Are Designed to Help Children Reach Their Full Potential – The teaching methodologies you will witness in one Montessori school in Richmond Hill are likely to differ from those you witness in another not just because teachers adapt their methods based on observation and assessment but because they fine-tune them to help each individual child reach his or her full potential.

There are many reasons that each school you visit may be very different and only those with the most talented teachers will be able to ensure that your child benefits fully from the Montessori teaching principles. For more information, please feel free to call for an informal chat whenever convenient.